torstai 19. heinäkuuta 2018

Mannequins: Behind the scenes.

We had a lovely photoshoot with my cousins and friends last year at Uhana Design. Here are some BTS photos taken with my phone.

Graphic black and white.

Timantti earrings and merino wool dress.

Hekla leggings and Siksak hooded scarf.

I really love that v-shaped back. Such a simple yet stylish detail.

Secret Garden.

Secret Garden silk shirt and Piilo skirt.

Timantti earrings.

Kesä maxi skirt and Kesä earrings.

This maxi skirt is probably my all-time Uhana favourite. I'm so sad I never managed to buy it.

Fun fact: this skirt has POCKETS.

Meidän uhana kuvausporukka!

Summer girls in the middle of March! Thank you to my cousin and our talented photographer Zanele and my lovely model gal pals!

tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2018

#8. Count your blessings.

Saimme kutsun rakkaiden ystäviemme mökille. Ilta on ollut todella kaunis, rento ja naurua täynnä.

Kello on reilusti yli puolen yön, mutta taivaalla on silti kauniita värejä. Häivähdys pinkkiä, oranssia ja keltaista sekä tietysti sininen yötaivas ja tummat pilvet.

Auringonlasku oli henkeäsalpaava. Taivas järjesti meille elävän taideteoksen. Ihan kuin aurinko laskisi vieläkin, niin valoisaa on horisontissa.

On aivan tyyntä. Kaikki muut nukkuvat jo. Naapurista kuuluu vielä iloisia ääniä ja puheensorinaa. Veden pintaan syntyy väreilyjä, kun kaloja uiskentelee ja pulpahtelee pintaan. Miten voikin olla niin rauhaisaa ja kaunista.

Mulla on just nyt kaikki hyvin. Mikään ei stressaa eikä ahdista. En ajattele töitä enkä mitään mikä aiheuttaa juuri nyt huolta. Sydämeni on täynnä kiitollisuutta, rakkautta ja iloa. Näin sen pitäisi aina olla.

Muista tämä tunne.

maanantai 16. heinäkuuta 2018


Crazy night owl.

Like I said 2 years ago about summer nights: "I love them. I mean, is it early in the morning? Is it noon? Afternoon? I can't tell."

Crazy jogger couple.

I'm really gonna miss these sceneries and places. Hopefully we'll get to jog and walk here after moving.

I love the feeling when you walk on logs.

Crazy meatball cook.

I have a confession. I don't like cooking. Actually it's one of my least favourite things in the world. But somehow I do enjoy making meatballs. Maybe it's because I get to do it with my bare hands. It's almost like stress relief for me.

And I hate to brag, but these turned out to be pretty darn good. I don't wanna take all the credit: the recipe was courtesy of my mom and Keijo was responsible for seasoning.

Crazy peony lady.

Man I love peonies. It's so exciting to see the first buds.

And it's even more exciting to see the flowers in full effect.

The white ones opened in one night.

I'm afraid I have some sad news: all the heavy raining and wind has caused our light pink peonies to collapse and turn to brown fairly quickly. I didn't even get to take a pic of their buds... :( And the worst part is that last summer was the last time I got to see the light pink ones in full effect.

Crazy moving crew.

My parents moved again and I LOOOOVE their new apartment. I just told them if they ever want to move again, they should tell us and we'll apply for it. That's how much I love it.


Crazy courageous birds.

My bird and I were courageously at a convention. Absolutely loved everything and everyone there. It had a real and lasting impact on me.

Crazy cat in the tree.

Mysteeri the cat loves to climb on top of our pea tree.

Such vicious, very beast, much cat.

He also loves to relax. Probably why we get along together so well.

I mean... #MEMEWORTHY.

Crazy iPhonographer at night.

Wow. Just look at those colours. These kind of nights after a long day of rain make me feel so thankful. This is what they call art.

Peonies were also very aesthetic in this lighting.

I just love these kind of nights.

This photo was taken under extreme circumstances. A shameless mob of mosquitoes attacked the photographer with forceful actions.

Crazy potatoes go shopping.

In the middle of June we got to enjoy the lovely and fun company of Ake. She's the best.

Everyone needs their own Ake.

Ake found the coolest mug ever!

These paintings are made entirely with spray cans. Too awesome.

Crazy food lovers.

You don't need to celebrate Midsummer to eat good food. Love me some mushrooms with creamy cheese and bacon, steaks and sausages.

Also love me some strawberries with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Crazy childhood memories.

I was so glad that I got to see the beach where we spent our childhood summers. I really loved this place.

Crazy binge watchers.

I finally got my lazy butt to book bus tickets to Lahti to go see my blogger friend and dear sis Iira.

We had some delicious treats at a cafe by the harbour.

Lahti's harbour was such a beautiful place.

Also the weather was just great.

We watched all the best shows in the face of the earth: Friends, Brooklyn 99, Frasier and also Iira introduced Modern Family to me. I have always been quite skeptical about that series, but when I watched the first 2 episodes it seemed like a show for me!

June sure was a crazy month.

Just a pinch of spontaneity, awesome friends, encouragement, inspiring sceneries and good food.

Though June was quite cold and rainy, I really loved it. Especially because now it's hot and sunny. I'm not the biggest fan of the weather being over 23 degrees celsius, because of all the sweating and ruination of my makeup, but I also don't wanna complain, because soon enough we'll get a good 6 months of coldness, excessive rain and mountains of snow. And also hey, they don't call Finland the land of a thousand lakes for nothing...