tiistai 2. elokuuta 2011

Come on, boy, let's go to distant lands unknown.

Elikkäs homman nimi on seuraava:

kursivointi = melkein/joskus/osittain/välillä/etc., lihavointi = JUST eikä melkein.

I am

happy. sad. a good friend. adventurous. shy. confident. procrastinating. a male. bored. anxious. clumsy. sociable. always punctual. selfish. intelligentfunnya female. sarcastic. insecure. sick. beautiful. articulate. loud. kind. even tempered. honest. short. tall. medium height. proud of myself. loving. witty. down to earth. outspoken. determined. high-maintenance. pretty (sometimes, at least i hope so). assertive. organized. selfless. awesome.

I have

short hair. blonde hair. dyed hair. brown hair. black hair. red hair. curly hair. straight hair. wavy hair. a fringebrown eyes. blue eyes. green eyes. long fingernails. chipped nail polish. braces. long legs. short legs. sore feet. long eyelashes. freckles. dark skin. medium skin. big boobs. rosy cheeks. small-ish waist. tattoos. piercings. big ears.

I ♥

peopleflowers. kisses. summer. coffee. the raincandles. incense. late night talk shows. insects. hugs. attention. the beach. chocolate. music. beanies. harry potter. twilight. facebook. black and white photos. sleeping in. driving. narrating my pet's thoughts. opening gifts. buying gifts. halloween. cute texts. apples. compliments. country music. hip hop. sushi. sports. art. singing. seeing my loved ones happy. surprises. sunsets and sunrises. skinny dipping. horror movies. simon cowell. family guy. garlic. hearing somebody talk in their sleep. being right ('cause THAT doesn't happen so often). kfc. abstract photographyconcerts and festivals. tanning. oversized t-shirts.

I would ♥ to be a

police officer. lawyer. doctor. teacher. fruit picker. mother. greenpeace volunteer. hippie. groupie. rockstar. footballer's wife. therapist. singer. actress. diving instructor. lottery winner. company owner. housewife. nurse. builder. race car driver. website developer. an inspirational talker. music teacher. artist. chef. makeup artist. hairdresser. restaurant owner. homeless shelter volunteer. fitness trainer. vet. radio show host. band manager. all of these jobs are shitty.

I like to eat

fruit. vegetables. fast food. sushi. in bed. rice. sandwiches. subway. chicken. cakes. seafood. a lotpasta. rice crackers. when i'm bored. cheese. ice cream. garlic bread. peanut butter out of the jar. eggs. lots of ethnic foods. pancakes. honey. lunch. bread crusts. low calorie foods. soy products. gluten free products. only when i'm hungry. toast. breakfast. pizza.

I dislike

cold mornings. baths. people dissing my taste in music. people in front of me walking really slowly. having my personal space invaded. cleaning. going to bed early. wine/beer. religion arguments. coffee. the beach. rain. children. having my photo taken. drama. gossiping. hip hop. cooking shows. drugs.
cats. people singing happy birthday to me. selfish people. social networking sites. swimming. snow. eminem. seafood. one word text messages. awkward silences. alarm clocks. hypocrites. everything but fictional boys.

PS. SE TUNNE, kun kuulet tekstariäänen klo 1.57 ja menet jännityksen ja paniikín vallassa katsomaan, kuka sen lähetti... mutta se onkin äiti, joka muistuttaa laittamaan pyykit kuivumaan. Thanks mom, I appreciate that.

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