maanantai 30. heinäkuuta 2012

At least I gave you everything I had, do me a favor.

This is probably the 25748th time when I got in line and got the chance to listen to this... this MASTERPIECE OF ALL MASTERPIECES.

No matter how many times I have listened to this, I just can't get enough! This is brilliant. Magnificent. Marvelous. Awesome. This is ART. My man Adam Tensta did it again! I really hope that this beautiful song would end up on the new album Adam's working on right now...

So do well and get in line to listen to Pass It On, a song that lives in one copy and one copy only. Anyone can listen to it, but ONLY 1 person at a time. All you need is a lil bit patience.

PS. Yesterday I noticed something very interesting on the front page of my Spotify profile.

Since when these so-called-songs have been my FAVORITES? Ok, maybe I shouldn't take this literally, but c'mon Spotify, you could do better. I have never listened to these via Spotify. The only place where I'm forced to listen to these and other mainstream songs is at work when the radio's on and unfortunately I can't control what kind of crap the radio hosts are playing. (Fortunately Bassoradio has been on for quite a while and I've been pretty pleased for that so far...)

I'm deeply sorry if I mocked somebody's taste of music, though I hope nobody actually would like Call Me Maybe. That song makes no sense.

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