keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2012

Good dreams, sweet dreams, dreams come true.


- go swim in the lake at a local beach or dive into the sea at Yyteri Beach
- buy a new gorgeous maxi dress

- eat lots of strawberries and ice cream

... or with chocolate, that'd be good too.
- study for Swedish matriculation examination...
- visit at the Vohvelikahvila

 - buy tickets to Blockfest
- go to Särkänniemi in good company
- hang out with my mateys
- go to Helsinki again!
- take lots of pictures

- go to see a great movie
- go for a summer night walk

- try to eat less cheese snacks and Mickey D's-food

EXTRA: I'll try to make these happen... or just dream about these.

- go on a romantic date/find that special someone (^ arvaa kaksi kertaa kumpaan kategoriaan tää menee)

- study for Swedish matriculation examination
- arrange a gathering with friends at our place and someone would play the piano and the rest of us would sing or something like that
- decide what I wanna do after high school
- go to a small gig

All pics (except the pic from Vohvelikahvila) from Weheartit.

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