perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

How to say "hi" in Finnish?

All you cool guys and girls out there who listen to Gracias and have heard his song The Breaks, The Breaks, you know what the answer is.

My oh my. I just checked out the dates of my upcoming matriculation examination exams, which are being held in spring. Why, oh why did I get involved with all this?

For 2 years I have had the attitude "hey, this isn't so bad, I just have to study more than in junior high and still get decent grades, it's a piece of cake" and then BAM, reality hits me right in the face.

Then again, I spoke with my sister the other day about school (shame on me, there's still holidays left!) and she made me realize that it's just high school. No one's gonna look at my grades when I'm applying for a job. All I really want is to get that student cap on my head and get decent grades.

Inb4 someone says all that nonsense about my future and "you need to get good grades to get into college/university (of applied sciences)" and how I end up working at Mickey D's because of my bad matriculation certificate... Don't.

First of all, I'm not going to college. I'm not interested, even if it will guarantee a good career and lots of money. That's not my thing. I have never been career orientated type of person. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing! I wish the best of luck to other students who are applying for college.

Second of all I don't mind working at the cash register of the store I am working at now. And third, if I'm ever gonna study again, it will happen at some good trade school.

If I look at the bright side, those exams are a long way off. I'll have plenty of time to study and read! I guess I'll have to stop whining and...


Okay, enough of this school nonsense.

What else is happening? On Tuesday I'm going to Särkänniemi with my 2 dearest friends. ♥  And yes, I will take some pictures there. Also Delfin Basket tournament starts on Thursday. I'm gonna do some serious hard work there: our little "sports market" will be open for NINE (9) hours and it'll probably prolong because some of the most important games are being played in the evening + we have to organize all the racks and stuff about an hour earlier before the opening. Though I know I'll be deadly tired after those 4 days, I'm still madly excited. If I could sell at least ONE pair of basketball shoes to someone, I would be soooo happy. I think I have to ask dad to give a short brief about basketball shoes...

And the best part is that I get a free week after Delfin Basket and before the school starts. Then I can die in peace because of the tiredness I'm gonna have after that hard work.

Just kidding. :)

By the way, sorry Iira, I have to imitate you a little bit:

What do you guys would like me to write about? I'm currently lacking ideas and inspiration, so help me, please? :)

  • More about separate individual things (like the post about dreams)?
  • Should I make outfit posts? Don't get your hopes up though. Depending on the day I'm very lazy and probably don't have the motivation (or the looks) to take a photo of my outfit. BUT I'LL TRY!
  • Should I make a video post?
  • Or what about me writing in English? Should I stick to it or write in Finnish again?* 
  • Some kind of music posts? I do write about music in every other post, but not properly anymore.
  • I'm not a great photographer or anything, but I published this photo challenge a long time ago. How about that?
  • Any other suggestions? :)

Yep yeppers. I decided to listen to the whole production of Kanye West tonight, so SWEET DREAMS TO Y'ALL! ♥

*btw Iira and other English "grammar nazis": if and when I make grammar mistakes PLEASE correct me! :) 

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  1. keep up with English! :) I'm starting to feel lonely being the only one not writing in Finnish.

    1. Yep, I will ;) This is really fun! Did you notice that teeny tiny text at the end of my post? ;D