perjantai 24. elokuuta 2012

I don't know about y'all, but I feel wonderful.


My first dance lesson in 3-4 years was held on Wednesday. It went GREAT. I felt like I haven't been away at all. The routines were familiar, except the fact that I've lost my flow and my bouncing skills etc. are gone. Luckily that's only temporary. As soon as I get things going, I'll find my flow again. I hope.

This is my goal when it comes to dancing:

Just kidding. :D

I've got some more good news: remember when I wrote about the eviction of Abu Fuad Kebab in March? Well guess what? Two employees of Abu Fuad Kebab decided to open a new kebab place called Nile Kebab! Aamulehti wrote about this yesterday. The article says that the kebab is pretty much the same as it was before, only the sauce tastes a lil' bit different. I told my bro right away that we're going there TODAY! After my Swedish exam (which I failed so hard) in night school Matias picked me up and we drove there. And the article was right: it tasted almost the same. ♥ I was so happy, despite the fact that we didn't realize the place was closing at 8 pm. and we negligently entered there at about 7.55 pm. It was quite embarrassing, but luckily the employees didn't mind. Maybe it was because we're their regulars. ;)

The best part is that I knew some day they would make a comeback. And they did.

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