perjantai 31. elokuuta 2012

Sounds like a plan, huh?

Now that you awesome fellas are coming to town in 3 weeks, I'd like to make some requests concerning the songs you're about to perform... Not that I believe you're gonna see this post, but I can always wish, can't I? ;)

The Megaphone State:

I'm pretty sure you're gonna perform Children of VLA, Lights, Swings and Beautiful Day anyway, so those are out of my list. But if you'd be so great and perform these awesome songs (and I'm NOT saying that all of your songs wouldn't be great), I can die happy.

- Get It Together! Goes without saying!

- Magic, because it's... just so MAGICal.

Okay. Now Noah Kin, it's your turn.

I haven't got the chance to buy 9fngrs so I don't know any songs of it except the:passion. We'll probably hear some songs from it in 22nd of September...

I want to conclude this by ensuring you that all of the songs of The Megaphone State and Noah Kin are fantastic! These are just the ones that I'd love to hear LIVE. And these are the ones that YOU should check out!

Also I finally learned something today: how to make a "smaller" embed html code out of a Youtube clip, YAY!

All I'm trying to say is... I CAN'T WAIT TIL THE GIG! 3 more weeks... and I'll have to suffer my Swedish matriculation examination first. Gosh.

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