perjantai 10. elokuuta 2012

Wake me up when September ends.

It's funny when we get older. Our taste in music/style, interests and likings change more or less radically.

For example when I was little, I LOVED swimming. I loved summer. I loved pink. I loved pop music and listening to popular radio stations.

Nowadays I still like pink, but purple is the most awesome color. And turquoise, jade green, fuchsia and electric blue.

I still like summer, but I prefer autumn and spring more. I don't really enjoy the heat and sweat. I don't care if I get tanned or not. I like being pale and I think it suits me better than being as brown as a bean. Or as orange as a carrot. I also got tanned a lot easier when I was little and I never burned myself. The first time I burned my skin happened when I was 17. Also my mom used to say that my back had a permanent tan throughout the year.

I nowadays think swimming is only okay. I'm not exactly the water beast I used to be when I was little. I remember how I almost wanted to live in the water and easily spent an hour in the lake when we were at some local beach with my family and cousins. But now I didn't go swimming the whole summer. I didn't hang out at the beach at all. It's kinda shocking, gotta admit that, but I'm not disappointed. I still was able to do all the things I wanted this summer.

I remember how I was addicted to NRJ (yeah I can't believe it either) when I was in elementary school. Every evening I had to listen to the top 10-list. I liked every popular band and artist from t.A.t.U to Tiktak and Gimmel. I was truly upset when we spent a week or two at a summer cottage in the middle of nowhere and I wasn't able to listen to NRJ there. When I was a teenager, I downloaded tracks for free from Limewire and couldn't care less about the artists' rights.

Nowadays I can't stand top 10-lists, radio hits and the radio stations that play those hits. I love underground hip hop and unknown artists. I like to listen to the whole production of some artist instead of only listening to that one radio hit. I hate the whole popular music culture.

Ok, I do love Michael Jackson who's the most well-known and popular artist in the world. I enjoy listening to Metallica, which is not exactly any underground metal band. But I want to support artists that aren't popular (and who has the talent and got the skills) by buying their CD's from CD stores or from the internet.

I think you all should do that.

This wasn't the thing I actually wanted to tell you guys, this was just one of my uncontrolled outbursts. All I wanted to say is that WELCOME, AUTUMN. I can't wait to start wearing my warm hoodies, cardigans, skinny jeans, Converse shoes and thick tube scarves!

 I'm pretty bummed that this summer was really short and chilly and I didn't have the time to wear all my cute summer clothes. But still, I love autumn and my warm "autumn clothes" more. ♥

PS. No wonder Seppälä is my favorite store. This quite ok song is playing in its latest commercial.

PPS. Sorry if I made grammar mistakes. I caught a flu yesterday and I have felt a bit drowsy and dizzy the whole day so my writing isn't at its best today.

Pics from Weheartit.

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