tiistai 4. syyskuuta 2012

Six sleek swans swam swiftly southwards.

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My goodness. My Swedish matriculation examination's listening comprehension is next week. I also have like a million other things to do, so that's not exactly helping my stress at all. Plus I had extremely irritating school day today... Who's to blame, never mind that.

I had such a fun English lesson feat. Elsa. We had to read all kinds of tongue twisters out loud as quickly as possible. Here's a few of 'em for you guys to read and repeat!

After school I went shopping with my mom. I spent an awful lot of money (at least I felt like that) but all of my purchases were useful. I bought 2 new pairs of jeans (or more like treggings/denimleggings) from KappAhl because my old denimleggings had worn through, 2 new pairs of shoes from Skopunkten and a new tube scarf from Indiska.

(7.9.2012) Right now I'm desperately trying to practice for my Swedish matriculation examination. Luckily I do have some time to read for the written part but my listening comprehension is in 4 days. No panic, or shall I say: ingen panik... And now when I think of it, I have to do a spoken presentation for English course, read a book called Punainen Viiva (direct translation: Red Line) and write an essay about it and read another book that's called Sonja O. kävi täällä (Sonja O. was here). Yikes.

Btw, that English course I'm attending in this period is a speaking course. We practice speaking, debating and having proper conversations in English, and what I've noticed there is that I actually need this course. I've somehow thought that I'm quite fluent in English but oh, how wrong I was. Sure, I can write in English and pronounce properly and I think in English most of the time, but having fluent conversations and/or debates in English... I am dissapoint.
What's also bad news, we're gonna have a national English speaking exam, which is going to be videotaped and sent to some other person for an evaluation. Boy, am I in trouble or what.

Okay, enough with this school nonsense. Here's some good music for ya. ♥

Btw, whenever I'm going to school around 11.45 am, I LOVE to sleep in and have a leisured morning while I'm listening to VLA Kings. And yes, I always listen to the whole album and each and every song. I simply can't skip a single song, they're all beautiful. I get dressed, do my hair and put on make-up undisturbed and have enough time to eat a proper breakfast. VLA Kings sets up a great mood for me and gives an awesome start for my day. You should try it some time!

For the 1000th time, I can't wait until 22nd of September!

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