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Beautiful music, painting pictures that'll be my vision (part 2).

Remember when last December I wrote a text about songs that have made me go completely crazy and addicted to them, so I have no choice but to listen to them hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of times? No? Well that's okay, 'cause I'm gonna make another one! Go ahead and check out the previous post, if you want.

I realized that the previous list is NOT up to date. It lacks so many songs, which have become my all-time favorites. Me no likey.

Of course many of the songs in the previous list are still my all-time favorites, and some are not anymore 'cause they had only a great beat but not anything else to offer. In a long run it just doesn't work.

So, here goes nothing, again!
(You must own a Spotify account to listen to these songs. If the song has a music video, the link includes a Youtube link.)

Adam Tensta

- ENSEMBLE. The beat, Adam's gorgeous voice and the lyrics. Oh my goodness ♥ The negative part of this song is that I can't listen to this whenever I want because it lives in only ONE copy... I wonder if this will be in Adam's next album?

Are & Kriso

Kuka Pölli Krison Niket?
- Simply the best story ever! This song makes me smile every time I listen to it. The beat is also fun, and I love the way Kriso and Are are taking turns when they're rapping.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Look What We've Done (feat. Michael Jackson)
- Michael's "featuring" vocals = sample from Earth Song, the beat, specific details, the lyrics


All Mine
- Sample from Kirka's song Hetki Lyö, the beat
On My Way (feat. Lee Lonn)

© WeHeartIt.

- the beats and samples
The Dreamer (feat. Maya Angelou)
- well guess what? the beeeaaaat, the sound, the lyrics and of course, Maya Angelou's outro ♥
Ghetto Dreams (feat. Nas)
- I ♥ the ambience, the chorus, lyrics...
- WHERE SHOULD I START? I loveloveLOVE the lyrics, the sound... Oh what the heck, THE WHOLE SONG!
Pops Belief
- I don't want to explain, listen to it yourself.

Felix Zenger

Connect (feat. Bahamadia)
I Has A Dog
- THE BEAT. This track has no lyrics at all and I've been listening to this since February and this is still super awesome! I guess this is the famous exception to the rule.

Gracias x JTT

- The beat, Ekow, sample, fun details
Night Shift (video)
- The beat, the beat! Drums, fast pace, Felix's beatbox, "How to say 'hi' in Finnish? Perkele."
- Whohohoa. The beat, memorable lyrics, chorus, Ekow, the sample from Money (feat. Ekow)
Bars (video)
- The beat! Chorus is great, "Punainen tiili, Renesanssi, omin sanoin ja PA, kakstuhatyksi", not to mention the video! Check it out NOW.
- The most awesome sample of all time: the team select music of NBA Jam. Oh, the memories straight from my childhood... I've always wanted to ask Gracias that where did he get this brilliant idea?
- The ambience ♥ the vibes, lyrics, chorus, the beat and the sound... Pure awesomeness.

© Pekka Selonen. Whihii, mekin ollaan tuolla!

Jonny Wanha / Urbaanilegenda

Soaking Wet
Watch Your Fingers
Wholesoul Riddim / Koko Olemuksella
Ancient Dial (Let the Winter In) / Valinta
Physics / Laki On Laki
Cards / Korttitalo
More Dead / Amsterdam Galactica
- In Jonny Wanha's songs the main point is the BEAT, and some tracks of Urbaanilegenda are great because of their peculiar lyrics.

The Megaphone State

- When I listen to both of these albums, I just have to listen them straight through, without skipping of any kind. There's so many reasons why I'm addicted to these songs: the beat of course, Ekow's flow, the lyrics, the ambience, vibes etc...

© WeHeartIt.
Noah Kin

My Name Is Noah Kin (video)
Outer Space
No Matter The Season (Let It)
- This song makes me extremely happy, no matter the season! I love the chorus, the verses, Noah Kin's flow, EVERYTHING.
Connections (feat. Gracias)

- 9fngrs includes only 10 songs and each and every one of em are MESMERIZING. I can't get enough of them!


A Day At A Time
Everyday Soundtrack
For A Day

© WeHeartIt
That's all there was. I think. This addiction has come to the point where I can't remember all the songs I have been addicted to.

I'm weird, I know.

I have realized in the past few days that I'd love to listen to songs that are melancholic and quite saddening. Like I told you before, it feels so pretentious to listen to songs that are fast paced and full of joy, because I'm not.

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