sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

"Earth's mightiest heroes, that kind of thing."

Marvel Studios' motion pictures, the 'x' means I've already seen it:

[x] Iron Man
[ ] The Incredible Hulk
[x] Iron Man 2
[ ] Thor
[ ] Captain America: The First Avenger
[x] The Avengers

Only 3 films to go... And it's most likely that Thor will be next. At first I wasn't that interested in seeing Captain America or Hulk movies, but now that I've seen The Avengers 3 times my interest has gotten bigger and bigger.

The Avengers is the only one I own. About a week ago I heard from my workmate and fellow Marvel-fangirl that there's a dvd-box that includes ALL Marvel films. MUST HAVE IT!

My euphoric fangirling for Loki has faded a lil' bit, and I couldn't emphasize more the words 'a lil' bit'. I mean, just take a quick look at my WeHeartIt profile. It's literally got Loki'd.

Gorgeous or GORGEOUS? Sigh. ♥

Oh and by the way. I watched The Lion King today for the first time in 10 years (?) and I fell in love with it again. I started crying the minute I saw baby Simba and the tears kept coming and coming throughout the movie until Simba and Nala had their baby girl. It was AWESOME. I mean the movie, not the crying! :D

If you have seen The Lion King and Thor/The Avengers, did you see the resemblence?

I wonder why I suddenly began writing in English again. I just felt like it. :)

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