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Music is what feelings sound like.

Some songs I listened to the other night...

"Näkemällä rumuutta saa maailmast kauniin surutta.
'Sur rur' soi nuottien kans sopiva, hymyile vaik se tuotti melankoliaa."
(Huge L feat. Asa - Melalkoholista.)

"I'm fearless, now hear this, I'm earless,
which means I'm peerless, 
which means I'm eyeless,
which means my iris resides where my ears is,
which means I’m blinded. ---

--- And I’m mouthless
which means I’m soundless.
Now as far as the hearing now I found it. ---

--- And I’m brainless
which means I’m headless like Ichabod Crane is."
(actually all the lyrics of Lupe Fiasco's Dumb It Down are BRILLIANT.)

"This is all at war, there's ashes on the floor. Watch you kill your saints, they will not share your pain."
(Noah Kin - st:ashes.)

"What you wanna do? I'm runnin' through your front line.
Your whole plan is catcha tan in my sunshine
one time 'cause it's some kinda wonderful.
Don't stand there lookin' stupid, what you wanna do?"
(Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Some Kind Of Wonderful.)

"Nowadays rap artists coming half-hearted.
Commercial like pop, or underground like black markets.
Where were you the day hip-hop died?
Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride?"
(Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Too Late.)

"You thought you brought your best lines, but they couldn't touch mine.
I rocked you in your knot, hope you have better luck next time. --- 
The underground is where I dwell at."
(Gang Starr - Next Time.)

"I got the right to put up a fight but not quite cause you cut up my life. By my side it's better tonight and I might see you in my nightmares. Ooh how'd you'd get there? Cause we was once a fairytale, but this is farewell."
(Kanye West feat. Lil' Wayne  - See You In My Nightmares.)

"If I would, then I might as well pack my bags
with my books and clothes and just bail.
Get another pad somewhere that's quiet
in a neighborhood where the kids don't riot.
Maybe even live in a place with a backyard
white picket fence with a postbox, I ain't. ---
--- Around here there's no silver spoons,
the unemployment shooting through the roof.
Between hustling and waiting for phone calls
regarding that job, what's a brother to do?"
(Adam Tensta - The Monkey.)

"Call it a mind state to understand

what you find great of this underlined faith.
I just say I know where I'm going, I'll prove it.
No fix that (?) door destination,
life's an estimation of the sum of your hesitations
I know where I'm going.
Never heard of dreaming, I can't shake the feeling
why's reality hard to deal with.
I know where I'm going.
Would you rather live with ten
knowing nine's just fine and one is worth everything?
I know where I'm going.
So as I let go I just want you to know my grip is forever,
though one finger less to hold.
I know where I'm going.
In a 12 hour (?) with my passion my life is here,
what you hear is not a test, it's my soul.
I know where I'm going and I don't have to prove sh*t."
(Noah Kin - nine:fingers, I wrote the lyrics according to what I heard, so that's why there's question marks all over.)

"Black sky, candles will show the path
there's a hole in the atmosphere but no one's getting outta here
Fossil fuels and greenhouse gases
now the world is on fire but no one has any matches ---
--- They want change, now that is too late,
the man running the conversion was hung by a shoelace
A pleasant facts that no one will except,
while the smoke in the sky is coming from their cigarettes ---
--- Hope is lost, the words has been innovated
no need for coffins, they're all getting cremated
The human race, forever disputed
better hold your breath because the air is polluted

--- The throne was for his ass only, but most of his friends dead so his ass was lonely
Got nobody to call his homie, he got a wife who for 9 months carried around a new life
His evil thoughts infected the mind of the baby,
logically the kid was already half crazy
A child born with no horns, the evil thoughts rooted, and now the air is polluted...

Please open your eyes, like muscles between your cheekbones and where your forehead resides
The air that you breath is not keeping you alive, poison leaving your lungs and killing you inside

Can't run now, have faith in your destiny
Oxygen is just a wind (?) of history 
My water turns to ethanol, starve yourself with 5 breads when everything else is eatable
Solar wind's giving people chills, fighting the resistance against the windmills
The air is polluted, it's been some
Now wear the crown on your dark mind."
(Noah Kin - heir:sick. Now that's awesome storytelling, I must say. And again, I wrote these lyrics based on what I heard, so there may be errors.)

"I ain't forgot to be grateful, enabled to say more
Admire my reign, when it rains it pours ---
--- Your kicks soft, my man lays em down in stacks like a brick wall
You still soft, my man lays em bricks in stacks like Rick Ross"
(Gracias - Let Myself Go. probably not the most meaningful lyrics in the world, but man how I loveloveLOVE that 'bricks and stacks'-part. really dunno why.)

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