perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

I paint the city black.

Adam Tensta, Eboi & Dida, THANK YOU.

The first time when I really focused on this album was on last Tuesday when we got back home from Helsinki with some of my schoolmates. It was late afternoon, almost dark outside and the only things I could saw from the bus window were frosted trees and lots of snow. In other words, perfect circumstances to focus fully on the songs. I decided to listen to Justus Hecker Wants Us Dead straight through and after that I kind of... well, fell in love.

Except for Master and She Shot Me Down, the whole album is kinda wonderful in its own unique and peculiar way. It strikes directly to the bone, though some time will be needed to get the point of the tracks. For example the 1st track, Mannequins, is nothing more but blur, but still it's very interesting. Kinda like Adam's track Tensta, Stockholm, Sweden. Epic Fail is no epic fail. The beat's simple but the guys make it sound awesome with their rapping.

Misery Lit has touching and powerful lyrics. Adam's verse is extremely effective: I literally can imagine a pitch-black room of misery where suddenly a 100 candles light up. Goodnight sure is a track that I want to listen to just before I fall asleep.

All in all, Justus Hecker Wants Us Dead not only has an extremely odd name, but it is a dexterous mix of hip hop and electronica. Impressive and cool rapping, electric and simple beats, not to mention good lyrics.

It's such a pity that the album has only 6 tracks. Well, I guess (and hope) that it's just a sneak peek for Adam's, Dida's and Eboi's own solo albums. Please tell me I'm right? PLEASE?

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