keskiviikko 16. lokakuuta 2013

Musical frissons: some of my favorite song lyrics right now and back then.

I'm not gonna tell which were my favorite ones before and which are now. Something to think about...

"Are you looking for happiness?
Are you looking for something better?
Do you ever feel emptiness?
Are you scared it's gonna last forever?"

"I don't want your happiness
I don't need your happiness.
So never show me happiness,
I hope you find happiness."

"And leave the rest unspoken,
I'll never change my mind."

"I got the right to put up a fight
but not quite
'cause you cut up my life
By my side is better tonight
and I might see you in my nightmare
Ooh how'd you'd get there?
'Cause we was once a fairytale
but this is farewell."

"Guess if I was simple in the mind
everything would be fine."

"I don't need this life, I just need 
Somebody to die for
Somebody to cry for
when I'm lonely."

"Time waits for no one,
so do you want to waste some time

"Seems like street lights glowin'
happen to be just like moments passin'
in front of me.
So I hopped in the cab and
I paid my fare
See I know my destination
but I'm just not there."

"My whole life,
waiting for the right time
to tell you how I feel.
And though I tried to,
tell you that I need you,
here I am without you.
I feel so lost, but what can I do?
Because I know this love seems real,
but I don't know how to feel.

--- 'Cause all my life I've felt this way,
but I could never find the words to say."

"At the end of the day, day
my momma told me don't let no one break me
let no one break me.
At the end of the day, day
nobody, nobody ever could stop me
ever could stop me.
At the end of the day, day
you can't regret if you were tryin',
if you were tryin.
At the end of the day, day I'm walkin' with a heart of a lion."

"I can see us holding hands
walkin' on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us on the countryside
Sitting on the grass, laying side by side"

"I'm sick and tired of being afraid."

"I can feel the darkness coming,
and I'm afraid of myself
Call my name and I'll come running,
'cause I just need some help"

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but...

"Teen pianonkoskettimest sulle kaulakorun,
ilmapianon säestyksel laulan lorun."

"To let myself go,
to let myself flow
is the only way of being."

"I was too artsy, known to be a clown."

"These worries are heavy, they rest on my shoulders.
My body won't let me fall victim no more."

"Hate to say I told you so,
but... I told you so."

"I can't remember anything.
Can't tell if this is true or dream.
Deep down inside I feel to scream,
this terrible silence stops me."

"I saw on TV today this man lost his son, his son died. So he had him cremated, took his ashes and made it into a diamond ring. Now he watches his son shine everyday."

"Why's reality hard to deal with?"

"You never asked me,
it never came up
so please don't blast me."

"How about you walk 600 miles in my shoes? Now I'm through."

"My stereo don't play love songs at all,
it's ever since you came and broke my heart."

"If your eyes are the window to your soul,
open eyes when you're cold.
If your dreams keep you warm at night,
baby just keep 'em closed.
If your eyes are the window,
I can sneak in at night.
In your eyes I can see your soul
staring back into mine."

"Näkemällä rumuutta saa maailmast kauniin surutta.
'Sur rur' soi nuottien kans sopiva,
hymyile vaik se tuotti melankoliaa."

"You say you're wrong, you're wrong,
I'm right, I'm right, you're wrong, we fight.
Ok, I'm running from the light,
running from the day to night.
Oh, the quiet silence defines our misery.
The riot inside keeps trying to visit me.
No matter how we try, it's too much history.
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony."

"Innocent they swim. I tell them no
But they just dive right in
But do they know
It's a long way down?
And there's no air or sound
Down below
The surface.

There's something in the water,
I do not feel safe.
It always feels like torture
to be this close.
I wish that I was stronger,
I'd separate the waves
Not just let the water take me away.

There was a time I'd dip my feet
And it would roll off my skin.
Now every time I get close to the edge,
I'm scared off falling in
'Cause I don't want to be stranded again
On my own,
When the tide comes in
And pulls me below 
The Surface."

"Just wish that I didn't feel there was something I missed."

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