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Five things.

I finally got the time to do this! I got this challenge from Ravenoaris, thank you! ♥

Minä vuosi sitten, koska en tykkää postauksien kuvattomuudesta.


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- Get them to tag more bloggers and keep this thing going.

5 things you need every day:

1. My phone. It has my music player (Spotify Premium FTW!), my calendar, notes, Facebook, Twitter, alarm clock, Whatsapp, mobile bank and ALL YOU CAN THINK OF. So yes, it's important to me. Otherwise I wouldn't remember ANYTHING.
2. Caffeine. Without it I will get the worst case of headaches and worse symptoms than during PMS (think about that). I wouldn't actually get all tired without it, I can wake up without caffeine and go to sleep even if I drink Pepsi Max right before. In other words I've become IMMUNE TO THE EFFECTS.
3. Comb or hair brush. Without them my hair would get all tangled and messy and frizzy and EWWW.
4. Music. Without it I would DIE.
5. Insulin. Without it I would LITERALLY DIE.

5 books you would recommend:

1. Nancy (orig. And I Don't Want To Live This Life). I know this is such a cliche, but IT'S SO GOOD. I bet almost every girl has already read Nancy as a teenager.
2. J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye (suom. Sieppari Ruispellossa). Now THIS is a book I bet almost every teen (not girls only, EVERY TEEN) has read. I love it, I love the slang and I love the main character, Holden Caulfield. I wonder why I don't own this book, I SHOULD. I wanna read it again!
3. Margaret Lynn's To See A Stranger (suom. Kadonneet Vuodet). It's an old book from the early 1960's, but still too awesome. My mum has also read it when she was young, and both she and I wish they would turn this book into a movie. We even have a couple of suggestions concerning the cast... Cate Blanchett as Dorcas Mallory, Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. Hugh I-forgot-his-last-name, Anne Hathaway as Dorcas' daughter Joanna and John Maloney as Dorcas' father Mr. Mallory.
4. Stephen King's Green Mile (suom. Kuoleman Käytävä). The movie Green Mile is based on this book, and man I tell ya: the film is already about 3 h 30 mins long, but if they had added every single detail from the book to the film, it would be twice as long. John Coffey is one of my favorite movie/book characters and Michael Clarke Duncan FREAKIN NAILED IT.
5. Simone Arnold Liebster's Facing The Lion.

5 materialistic wishes for Christmas presents:
(I don't celebrate christmas so... These would be sort of like SURPRISE presents, or something)

1. All the seasons of Doctor Who (Series 1-7).
2. A new hair straightener. Current straightener is almost 6 years old.
3. A gift voucher to a record store.
4. A NEW DISHWASHER. I'm already fed up with washing the dishes with hands.
5. A blender would be cool too. Then I would be all "make all the milkshakes!".

5 places you wish to visit:

1. London.
2. New York.
3. Los Angeles.
4. Spain. First I'd love to learn Spanish.
5. Stockholm. I have visited there a couple of times, but some day I'd like to hang out there more than just 5 hours in a terrible hurry.

5 adjectives that describe you:

1. Enthusiastic.
2. Childish.
3. Tired.
4. Selfish. I keep working on with this one.
5. Volatile (tälle sanalle on monta merkitystä, mutta itse tarkoitan tällä 'ailahtelevaa'.)

5 things you'd say to people about life:

These are the biggest clichés ever, but...
1. Don't waste time with people who make you feel miserable.
2. Don't worry, nobody's perfect.
3. Whenever you've lost something, remember that your mom will ALWAYS find it ("mom, I lost Tom Hiddles..." haha just kidding).
4. Eat whatever you want and if somebody dares to lecture you about eating less or whatever, eat them too.
5. Us girls have periods, cramps, babies, terrible mood swings and everything else. The least you guys could do is text us first/make the first move.

And the challenge goes to these lovely bloggers...


PS. Pakko kertoo in Finnish vielä loppuun, että mää otan just nyt lapsuuttani takaisin syömällä raakaa piparkakkutaikinaa suoraan kaupasta ostetusta pakkauksesta. Kun olin pikkutytöntylleröinen, vastaavia gluteenittomia ei myyty ei niin missään, ja katkerana katsoin, kun naapurintytöt mutusteli jotain Sunnuntain piparitaikinaa. Sitä paitsi tää on PAREMPAA raakana, paistettuina nää on ihan aneemisen värisiä vaikkakin ihan ookoo maultaan. Sekin on muuten jännä, ku pipareita tai jotai ihania luumutorttuja voisin tehdä vaikka kesällä, koska se on mulle ihan se ja sama, millon niitä väsää. Hienosti mää kuitenkin unohdan näiden herkkujen olemassaolon SIIHEN ASTI, kunnes torttulevyt ja piparitaikinat tekee vuosittaisen comebackin pakastehyllyille. JA TÄÄ ON SIIS JOKA KERTA. #firstworldproblems

PPS. Pääsin tänään osaksi mun ihan ekaa radio-ohjelmaa! Linkkiä tulee (ehkä jos en oo nolo) myöhemmin!

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