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Love me some awesome outfits, part 5.

"Kevät tuli, lumi suli, puro sanoi puli puli..."

Kevät on täällä, ihanaa! Tosin alkukevät on aika rumaa, kun näkyy nurmikoista pelkät mullat ja edelliskesän mössääntyneitä lehtijäännöksiä ja haukkujen papanoita on siellä sun täällä. Mut kohta luonto muuttuu kauniin vihreän värikkääksi ja sitten onkin jo kesä!

Seriously, Ems. This ain't gonna work, if you keep putting OOTD's here super late. It's not spring anymore, c'mooon.

Although, Finnish spring seems to continue all the way until the middle of June and beyond, so whatevs. Here goes nothing!

I apparently want to write in English all the sudden, I don't know why. Just wanna go with my flow, see what happens... Hope you don't mind.

Anywhoozels, I realized probably in the middle of May that hey, it's 6 pm. and still bright outside. I can finally take OOTD's on the front yard! I asked my jolly good husband to represent as my photographer. Let's see.

#1. Black leather and white lace.

My first outfit of spring! Okay maybe it isn't THE first, but you know, first that's been immortalized on camera, so yeah. This is the remnant of my winter style, which was extremely black with teeny bits of colour or just plain black and white. Fortunately I have found proper summer vibe in my clothing again, so I won't look like a goth chic. This outfit is just lovely, but not at all summerish. I'm not THAT into black. Yet.

When I noticed at school that many girls, including my friends, started wearing these awesome thin-knitted capecoatthingies, I realized I GOTS TO GET ONE FOR MYSELF. Not because "cuz ERRYONE has one" but because it's stylish, cool and casual. Except if you are at work. Whenever I have to kneel or squat I was in great danger to fall very classily to the floor because the tail of the cape would get stuck under my shoe.

Nowadays when I buy clothes I like to really consider over and over again whether that kind of cardigan or whatever knit I want to wear on top will match my clothes that I own now. I also wondered whether that capethingy would go with short jackets and outdoor coats. Well, for some reason I just fell in love with this combination of short leather jacket and freakishly long capecoatthingy (what's the real name of that piece of clothing, anyone?). The most important thing for me is that the clothes underneath the cape look sharp. Otherwise I would look like a big, layered tent and that wouldn't be cool at all.

I don't really dig that huge slit, which appears on my bangs, but what can you do. I had to gather my hair up in a ponytail because that would've flattened the ensemble and make it look lazy. A high bun would've been better, but I was in a hurry and did that in like 5 minutes before going to the meeting.

Leatherjacket - H&M ♥ Cape - Gina Tricot  Lace top - Pieces ♥ Skirt - H&M ♥ Scarf - Löytötex ♥ Shoes - Skopunkten

#2. Knitty flower girl with a pinch of fierceness.

This was my go-with-the-flow-look for a Saturday grocery shopping. I didn't really think about what I should wear and freakin nailed it. In retrospect I'm not really sure about the canvas kicks, but I didn't have better matching pair of shoes back then. Black Chuck Taylor's would've been perrrrfect.

These sunglasses got broken when we were at Viking Grace (hieno 5€ laatu, hermanni) but they were a perfect match to this outfit. Feminine in a cute way and the raybanish shape make them look quite fierce.

I am really in love with the Photo Splash app I downloaded into my phone. I can highlight the details of my OOTD's very nicely. Although in the pic on the left I probably edited the colour of the lipstick a tad too much.

This is a bit embarrassing. My shirt is not straight in the left photo. I noticed that too late. You can see the moment where I noticed that soon... 

The hat has been probably the best accessory purchase I have ever made. It's a pity I didn't use it that much. And felt hats are the worst in summer! Luckily I found a lovely summer version of this hat from Object, while I was an intern there... Also that was probably the last time I wore the burgundy red infinity scarf. Until the fall arrives.

Oh hey btw, I accidentally ran into a new quality of Google: Google Photos. I saw that all my pics were there safe and sound, and then I noticed a fun segment: Assistant, where you can edit pics, make collages and create animations of your pics. I created a couple of goofy animations for you guys to see, enjoy!

The hat is on and shirt is straightened.

"It's whatever, just take the photos."

All in all this was such a nice look. I really love that flower shirt and burgundy red infinity scarf. That look goes really well in autumn and spring and maybe even on chilly summer days.

Shirt - Only ♥ Scarf - Noorit ♥ Hat - Noorit  ♥  Canvas kicks - Noorit

#3. Red earrings.

This ain't exactly an outfit, but I made an amazing find from Bijou Brigitte: giant red earrings. These are just perfect. They're the perfect size, since I don't like to wear teeny tiny earrings. They have a nice glow and just the right shade of red. You'll see a lot of these in my future outfits...

#4. Team Captain America.

This was my impartial, neutral look for the premiere of Captain America: Civil War. Ironically when the movie ended, I really was neutral. I couldn't pick a side.

I didn't get a single chance to take a photo of the whole outfit but it was the same than in the first outfit of this post. Black leather jacket, black capethingy (because superheroes, duh), white lace top and plain black leggings.

Anywhoozel, I LOOOVE the combination of red and blue, although it is extremely American or British. But since I don't have any kind of agenda whatsoever, I just embrace the two colours matching very deliciously. The tube scarf is perfect for this event with its stars, the bandana created a somewhat cool street look and same goes with the aviator sunglasses. They're also blue so spot on with my matching. Red lipstick and the giant red earrings are the missing piece to the puzzle.

Oh and I didn't forget the nails, FOR ONCE. Usually I couldn't care less about my nails and I sometimes hate painting my nails, but for this, I was happy to do it. Luckily I had blue nail polish! Those little glitter sparkles were a nice touch. 

Bandana - Löytötex ♥ Tube scarf - Noorit ♥ Aviator sunglasses - Noorit

#5. Lilac roses.

Don't you guys worry. I still wear purple sometimes. I love this lilac shirt with roses on it. It's made of chiffon so I can wear it on a warm day. Would probably go very well with a maxi skirt.

There isn't even a hint of purple in those sunglasses, but there's flowers and somehow I thought they would match to my outfit.

That pencil skirt goes with ANYTHING. I love it. And I love those shoes, even though they kill my feet every time I wear them.

I wear those earrings very rarely but they're just gorgeous and I'd never give them away. They're just so ME.

Since I don't really care for the combination of red and purple, I like to wear darker shades when it comes to lipstick. I really have to try purple lipstick some day... That would be so cool.

Shirt - Seppälä ♥ Skirt - H&M ♥ Shoes - Citymarket ♥ Scarf - Pieces ♥ Earrings - Ninja ♥ Shades - Noorit

#6. Gunmetal rock chick.

Ah yiss. I love this look. The hair, the shirt, the shoes, THE EARRINGS. All dem so cool and so not-usual-me.

Seriously. I like everything in this ensemble. I like the half bun. My make-up is spot on, even though I always have the same style of make-up. Some days it's so not ok and some days it's almost perfect. The ear cuff is so rad and punk rock. I don't even know whether ear cuffs are in or not and I don't even care. And I just simply love this black and white shirt.

And of course, the aviator sunglasses give the final touch to the look. So cool.

The gunmetal earstuds I bought from Object are also veeery stylish. They have this cool metallic surface and it matched with the ear cuff quite nicely.

Long shirt - New Yorker  Scarf - Löytötex ♥ Ear cuff - Glitter ♥ Ear stud - Object ♥ Shades - Noorit

I've arranged quite a few photoshoots with mah man K.O. and I don't want this to get totally out of hand, so I'm making another OOTD post later.


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  1. ihanaa ku jaksat vääntää näitä asupostauksia! ja lisää enkuks vaan jee! :)

    1. Kesällä sitä on jotenki eri meininki asujen kuvaamisessa ja inspiraatiossa niin jaksaa paremmin vääntää! :)