tiistai 15. toukokuuta 2018

I love beyond the bones.

Tämä voisi olla Musical Frissons-postaus, mutta en jaksa tehdä tästä kovin pitkää selotusta. Haluan ainoastaan nostaa esille yhden biisin vuoden 2018 Euroviisuista. Mulla oli siellä monia suosikkeja (jopa 7, jos oikein laskin), mutta tämä nousi vielä kisojen jälkeisissä Spotify-fiilistelyissä selvästi ylitse muiden.

Bulgarian edustusbiisi Bones by Equinox herätti minussa tuntemuksia. Kylmät väreet lähtivät välittömästi selkäytimestä koko kroppaan, kun ensimmäiset melodiat alkoivat soida. Tartuin Keijoa jalasta kiinni (eka reaktioni, kun sanat loppuvat), haukoin henkeäni. Olisin halunnut alkaa itkeä. Upeita miesääniä sekä voimakas naislaulaja. Nouseva bridge, eteerisen tumma tunnelma ja SE ALKU JA LOPPU. Apua. Juuri sellaista mitä minä haluan kuunnella!

Vaikka kyseinen biisi ei ollut yleisön eikä edes raadin suosikki ja en tiedä ketään muuta (kuin mieheni) kenen suosikkiviisubiisi tämä olisi ollut, mutta tämä oli niin ihana, että haluan ehdottomasti kuulla tältä viisikolta lisää tuotantoa!


tiistai 1. toukokuuta 2018


Today I'd like to write in English and keep things short. Hope it's okay.

Pablo, one of my favourite puppers!

Loving my new rose patch. There was a rather big rip on that spot and the seamstress of my last workplace fixed my coat.

I just love the buildings where my brother lives. Such picturesque views and loving the colour.

Also Matias clearly loves it when I'm always taking pictures.

This was the day when I felt good about myself, both inside and outside. Happens quite rarely these days. Loving the accidental messy bun, loving the green Aztec earrings and loving my makeup.

Shirt - H&M | Skirt - Seppälä | Aztec earrings - Uhana Design
And most of all, loving and feeling myself. This picture of me isn't taken in the greatest place and lighting but I wanted a reminder of my good feeling for future purposes.

Coat - Object | Scarf & earrings - Pieces | Tote bag - Plugged Records

FINALLY. Got this lovely coat I've been dreaming of for 2 years, thanks to Bubbleroom and their part payment system.


Love is when you play Pokemon Go together and in a non-competitive manner.

The pictures above were taken by our best visionist, Matias.

20th of April: The proudest day for a bad diabetic.

This is what I wrote on my IG this day: "Today was the most pleasant endo appointment. A1C was 65 (= 8,1%, dropped from 74 in 5 months!!!) and the doctor said that I had a few beautiful blood sugar graphs. Never heard that before! It only took 20 years to get to this point. Tbh I’m quite shook from my weight gain, but I decided to not care about that today and ate chicken wings for lunch!"

Also had my first ice cream this spring/summer.

25th of April: Happy Death Day.
(not that movie though)

Here's me paying for our deaths.

And here's me before going to meet my death. It was a simpler time and I'd pay anything to go back in time. If I had a time machine I'd go back about 2-3 years, see the Russo brothers and SLAP THEM and then tell them to think twice before doing what they are gonna do.

The last meal. (also showing off my Dora Milaje-nails)


To normal people this might be another photo and may even cause confusion. "Why would you take a picture of the end credits?" To Loki fans, such as myself, this is the saddest picture in the world.

Just a few of my Google searches after seeing AIW. #ThanksRussoBrothers

27th of April: Life after death.

Visiting the new mall in Tampere with mama. Monki had some pretty cool clothes.

Stopping for a bit to get a bite to eat. That chicken sandwich was GOOOOD.

27th - 29th of April: BBQ with friends

We were lucky to have our fave pupper Pablo as our honorary guest with his parents.

Such food, very BBQ, much delicious.