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Lookbook 2018: Tyylejä ja lyriikoita, part 2.

"Style is a way of saying who you are without saying a word."

You know what it is! It is time for Ems' Lookbook 2018 part 2! 

For this post I did a test about the clothes I wear. I'mma throw the test results between my photos.

Coatigan - Object | Tee - BikBok
What others see from your style

You wear whatever you please. You are probably confident, stubborn, strong-minded and independent. Deep down, however, you think that you are being excluded from society. You wish you belonged, but as you don't, you're going to follow your own rules.

Top - Vero Moda | Earrings - Pieces
I looked pretty much like this all summer long. It was so hot and I was so sweaty all the time and my make up ran from my face and felt all sticky and weird.

Skirt - H&M | Suspenders - Cybershop
What your nightclothes reveal

You are knowledgeable and intelligent. You are organized, confident, liberated, energetic and full of fun.

Kuva: Veera Korhonen.
some people talk about ya like they know all about ya
when you get down they doubt ya

Dress - Esmara | Earrings - Noorit
Also loving this look so much. Basic maxi dress, small earrings and light make up powered by red lipstick.
MJ tee - Wish | Striped pants - H&M | Earrings - H&M
and when you tip it on the scene, yeah they talkin' bout it
cause they can't tip on the scene

they just talk about it, t-t-t-talk bout it

Earrings - Uhana Design | Sunglasses - Specsavers
Sometimes I decide to be playful and plait a strand of my hair. This looks so nice. Also my bangs were too much during the summer.

Top - Vero Moda | Skirt - Maxane | Shoes - Tapas
when you get elevated
they love it or they hate it
you dance up on them haters
keep getting funky on the scene

Sunglasses - Ur & Penn | Canvas bag - Plugged Records | Bandana - Löytötex
while they jumpin' round ya
they trying to take all of your dreams

but you can't allow it

cause baby whether you're high or low

whether you're high or low

you gotta tip on the tightrope

Ready to party!

Lace shawl - Seppälä | Skirt - New Yorker
We found this awesome spot to take photos at on one of the ship's decks.

Trying to fit all the details of my outfit in a selfie. 2/10.

you gotta keep your balance
or you fall into the gap

A few Yyteri shots ahead...

What others see from your shoes

You are kind and open-minded. You may not be talkative, but you are friendly and enjoy the company of intelligent people. You always keep the secrets of others, and never play tricks on people.

Luottokoruissa Yyterin rannalla. Uhana Designin korvikset ja NN Designin lintu. Parasta bestii.

At this point I got rid of everything extra, even the earrings. I wanted to feel as free as a bird. Step lightly in the water. I don't remember a time when I have been as happy as being in these photos.

Shirt - H&M | Earrings - Pieces | Glasses - Specsavers
Red and white navy stripes. How suiting! Also kinda loving the no eyebrows look here.

Tee - Cristelle & Co. | Cross body bag - Noorit | Shoes - H&M
What others see from your belts

If there's not a single belt in your wardrobe, you like freedom and are opposed to all kinds of rules. You are creative and very good at work that requires you to stretch your imagination. Your main downfall, however, is that you can be very moody.

THIS IS SO TRUE, ALL OF THIS. And I really don't use belts. Like my mans Terry Jeffords says: "Everyone should wear suspenders. Belts are dumb."

Sunglasses - Ur & Penn | Earrings - Uhana Design
Loving my gigantic shades.

Accidental photobomb. Can you see it?

What others see from your earrings

You are a hardworking people. You are serious and capable. You know what you want out of life, and you go after it.

Why do people say things like "he looked at her like she was the sun", because people usually just squint angrily at the sun?

Shirt - Kaffe | Ballerinas - Skopunkten | Culottes - Joom
Never thought I'd like polka dots in my shirts. Also loving my culottes! I need more of these.

Scarf - Casablanca | Earrings - Ur & Penn
Actually these earrings are half Ur & Penn and half from my friend's gift to me. They fit so well with my polka shirt.

Jacket - Pyrintö (Urheilupukine) | College shirt - H&M | Pants - Noorit

hiphop, it started out in a park
and now i'm honouring the traditions of the art

Scarf - Pieces | Earrings - Uhana Design | Shoes - Tamaris

Hoodie - Noorit | Tee - H&M | Earrings - Ur & Penn
While at Ur & Penn Suski said I could pull off these earrings. She was right.

Also loving the yellow hoodie a lot. I've been wanting to add yellow to my colour scheme for a long time.

Off to Seinabo Sey's concert!

Dress - Monki | Cross body bag - River Island | Shoes - Tamaris
I really love this look. I wasn't so sure about this dress when I got it. It could be one size smaller, but I can live with it. And luckily loose fit is the thing nowadays.

Earrings - Uhana Design | Necklace - Noorit
Although my cousin (4 yrs) asked me that why I'm wearing a nightgown. The kids say the darndest things.

Satin shirt - Lindex | Skirt - Seppälä | Shoes - Tapas
Earrings - H&M | Necklace - Noorit
Here I'm standing under a beautiful arch and celebrating our friends' wedding in this beautiful outfit. Really feeling this look.

I actually had forgot that I own this lovely satin shirt. I had a big crisis the night before the wedding and then I found this and got a vision. Too bad I don't have a better picture of my facial area. My rose earrings are just gorgeous and were a perfect fit with my shirt.

The last analysis

You are probably a clever and adventurous person. You love to learn new things, and enjoy socializing with friends. Although you enjoy your freedom, you cherish peacefulness and like to spend time alone with your thoughts.

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